Court Law Office

Court Law Office

The Court Law Office comprises an Attorney Supervisor, three Associate Attorneys and a Paralegal. The Court Law Office performs two distinct functions for the Court under the general direction of the Chief Judge:

  1. The attorneys review, research, and evaluate complaints, petitions, motions, judgments and orders for any District Judge who requests the service in connection with a pending case. Their duties also include drafting proposed opinions, judgments, orders, and correspondence as a Judge might request.

  2. The Attorney Supervisor is also the Court’s in-house counsel. The Attorney Supervisor drafts and reviews public contracts and purchases, consults in personnel matters, and advises the Chief Judge and Court Executive Officer regarding the Court’s legal duties and responsibilities as a governmental agency. 

On occasion, the Attorney Supervisor represents the Court as a party in certain types of litigation and acts as a point of contact for the Court’s insurer and outside counsel. 

As is the case with all Court personnel, the Court Law Office is forbidden to give legal advice to members of the public. 

Court Law Office Contact Information

Supervising Attorney -  575-523-8270

Associate Attorney - 575-528-8344

Associate Attorney -  575-528-8326

Associate Attorney -  575-523-8219

Paralegal - 575-528-8370

Fax - 575-528-8342