NM Supreme Court Approved Forms


Third District Court Local Forms:

Family Law Packets

Divorce Without Children   PDF

Divorce With Children   PDF

Responding to A Petition    PDF

Response to Motion    PDF

Free Process Application    PDF

Motion for Telephonic Appearance PDF

Motion - General (Use in Open Case)    PDF

Motion - General (Use in Closed Case)    PDF

Motion-Reinstate Case    PDF

Civil Complaint Packet PDF

Jury Forms

Please visit the Jury Office division page

Court Clerk's Office

Request for Copies/CDs   PDF

Court Reporter

Transcript Request    PDF

Request for Written Transcription from CD    PDF


Request for Interpreter    PDF

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

Financial Information Form     PDF

Mediation Questionnaire    PDF

Domestic Violence Forms

4-961   Petition for order of protection from domestic abuse    PDF

4-961Ar   Service of Process-information about respondent (use with Petition)    PDF

4-961B   Request for order to omit Petitioner's address and telephone number from Petition    PDF

4-962   Response to petition for order of protection from domestic abuse    PDF

4-962A   Counter Petition for order of protection from domestic abuse    PDF

4-961Ap   Service of Process-information about Petitioner (use with Counter Petition)    PDF

4-963   Temporary order of protection against Respondent and order to appear    PDF

4-963A  Temporary order of protection against Petitioner and order to appear    PDF

4-964   Order to Appear    PDF

4-965   Order of Protection    PDF

4-967   Order of Protection-Attachment for custody, support and division of property    PDF

4-968   Application to modify, terminate or extend order of protection    PDF

4-970   Stipulated Order of Protection (against Respondent)   PDF

4-971   Stipulated Order of Protection (against Petitioner)    PDF

4-972   Petition for Emergency Order of Protection from domestic abuse    PDF

4-973   Emergency Order of Protection (against Respondent)    PDF

4-974   Order of Dismissal    PDF

----        Affidavid of Service    PDF

----        Affidavid of Violation    PDF

----       Motion to dismiss temporary order of protection    PDF

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