Pro Se Clinics

The Third Judicial District Court recognizes that people representing themselves often need legal advice, something court staff CANNOT offerThe Court sponsors pro se clinics that give someone who has a court case filed at the Third Judicial District Court an opportunity to ask legal questions about their case.  Clinics are one-on-one meetings with a local, private volunteer lawyer.  No appointments are taken; services are on a first-come first-served basis.  Each clinic is limited to 12 people; time with the volunteer lawyer is limited to 10 minutes

Volunteer Lawyers at the Pro Se Clinics CAN:

  1. Talk to you about your case (but only civil and domestic cases).

  2. Answer legal questions.

  3. Strategize with you about how to represent yourself.

Volunteer Lawyers at the Pro Se Clinics CANNOT:

  1. Talk to you about your criminal case.

  2. Talk to you if you already have a lawyer.

  3. Fill out your court forms for you.

  4. Represent you in your court case.

  5. Be a source of unlimited, free legal advice.  

BEFORE coming to a pro se clinic, you might want to try the Court’s Self-Help Center.  We often find that the Center can help you get started and then help identify the best Pro Se Clinic for you.

 CLICK HERE for more information about the Court’s Self-help Center.

CLICK HERE for the current Pro Se Clinic calendar.

Pro Se Clinic Contact Information

HOURS:   Vary.  Check the current calendar or call the Self-Represented Litigant Division - 575-528-8326

TELEPHONE:   575-528-8325


201 W. Picacho,

Las Cruces, NM  88005

The Pro Se Clinics are held on the first floor at the Self-Help Center.  The Center is located across the hallway from the Family Law Clerks.  As you enter the building, ask the Security Officer to point you in the direction of the Center.